About Us

Our journey began when we finally gave into getting a pandemic puppy and let us tell you that it was the best decision we have made! There’s nothing that compares to the joys of a little companion that offers nothing but unconditional love.

Like every good paw parent, we simply wanted the best for our pup. However, we found ourselves being let down by most pet care establishments. Most daycares and boarding centers we used were either too far away, too big with too many dogs, or just didn’t meet the standards you would want for your beloved fur baby. So, we decided to take a leap of faith and jump over the rainbow, where it’s been said that dreams do come true. We decided to bring the standards and level of care we expected closer to home.

At Bark and Play we offer a safe and fun environment for your little pooches. Having designed the shop ourselves, bearing in mind what our dog and every other dog needs. We put a lot of thought into the materials and products we used to provide not only a great experience for your pets, but a safe one too.

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